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 February is here! 4 weeks gone, about 10 more to go...

 Spent the better part of the month sourcing tools - since this is my first attempt at building anything, my 'toolbox' prior to this project was a set of screwdrivers! Now, I have successfully sourced the following: Allen Key Set, Spanners Set, Drill and Drill Bits, Clamps, Riveters, Nibbler, Hammers, Socket Sets and Levels. Still quite a few items on my pending list, but they should all be sourced by the end of the month... You can see all the tools I have/intend to get by visiting the Mod/Tools page.

 I also spent quite a bit of time deciding on how to spec my build. I have decided to go with the American Speed LS3 package - 480HP from a 430 Crate Motor, with 465 ft/lbs of torque! That should be PLENTY for me - AS also have a hot cammed version of the LS3 putting out 575HP, and then the LS7 packages putting out 650HP, 700HP, and even Supercharges LS engines putting out 1000HP... My choice for the LS3 with 480HP is simple - I want to build a comfortable daily driver, that can outpace any of the regular 'daily drivers' out there. I will track it from time to time, but want to build something with a lot of creature comforts: leather interior, sat nav, rear camera, insulated body, central locking, etc... These mods will change (and increase) as the build goes on, but I hope to list most of them out on the mods page.

 I have also decided to go with the Porsche 997 C2 6-speed transmission. I debated between using a Turbo Box and the C2 box, but ended up going the C2 route as it is factory recommended, and should be more than enough for my 'street' version of the Can Am. The Turbo box has a higher top speed, and better (longer) ratios, but I ended up deciding those were not of *that* importance to me.


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