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Aug 2-8 2017

Build Time Today: 7 hours
Total Build Time: 370 hours

I now don't have much to do as the rest of my kit is still not ready - the entire engine bay and dash is pending as it is being developed to accommodate my first in the world engine-box combo! I have been told that the electronic development will finally finish this month so hopefully I should start receiving the first batch of parts in early September...

Until then, I don't have anything to do... so I just got a few minor things out of the way:

First, the pending grills on the front canopy were installed...

Next, the supports for the rear wing were installed - the outer support was inserted from the topside of the canopy, and the inner support was bolted onto it... the inner support was then bolted to the canopy, and all the bolts were slowly tightened... My outer supports have been powder coated black to go with the orange/black theme - I should have no chrome showing on this Ultima :)

I also got the headlight covers attached to the front canopy - the front canopy is now finished and ready for install!

Then I started work on the hard top - this is a new product Ultima has launched, and I have received the first customer supplied hard top! All the parts were taken out and looked over, and I spent a few hours getting all the parts in the correct position while trying to align the body work with the correct gaps, etc... There is quite a bit of GRP and window material that will need trimming, but I will not start the trimming work now - I will wait till the dash and windscreen are final installed and then do the trimming - if either moves even 0.5mm during the install, it will change the roof gap! So getting an idea of what I will need to do in the future, all the parts were removed and put back away...

Now - the build will pause until mid September... more updates soon!


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