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Welcome to my Ultima EVOLUTION Build web site!

My name is Huzaifa Husain (HUZI), and I am a 30-odd year Texan living in Dubai...

This site is being created to record and preserve my attempt at building the Ultima EVOLUTION.

I first heard of the Ultima years ago, but never imagined I would one day build one. I have had the good fortune of owning many cars over the last decade, but the desire to build my own car is still a bucket list item pending... NOT ANYMORE! This project originally started off as an Ultima Can Am Build, but Ultima Sports introduced the new and improved Ultima Evolution a week before my kit was to be shipped. I was able to put the shipment on hold, and upgrade the necessary parts to the new EVO standard. Although it resulted in a delay in the shipping, it should be worth it. I will now be building the EVO instead! Quite possibly the first consumer built Evo Convertible in the world...

Why an Ultima you ask? SIMPLE - A sub 1000kg car, with 13 INCH rear tires, anywhere from 480-1000HP, and the World Record Holder for Fastest Supercar in the World. Michael Schumacher held the record for fastest lap at the TopGear TV circuit in his Ferrari FXX at 1min 10.7sec. The Ultima GTR did it in 1min 9.9sec!!! Both these numbers were using track specific setups (tires, etc). The same circuit was done by the Ferrari Enzo (road legal) in 1min 19sec, while the Ultima GTR did it in 1min 12.8sec on a road legal setup!! The new Ultima Evolution 1020 should be able to do it even faster!

Ultima numbers: (GTR 720)

0-60MPH: 2.6sec (World Record)
0-100MPH: 5.3sec (World Record)

Ultima numbers: (EVO 1020)

0-60MPH: 2.3sec (World Record)
0-100MPH: 4.9sec (World Record)
Standing 1/4mile: 9.2 sec

In addition to many more - see the Ultima Factory website for more details!

I will try and update this site on a regular basis, and hope you enjoy watching the build...


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This site was last updated 04/16/15