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April 9th 2015

Time continues to tick away... April is here! AND WHAT A MONTH!

Easter Weekend - Ultima Sports announces the end of the GTR/Can-Am lines and introduces the Ultima Evolution (Coupe and Convertible)!!!

My order for the Can Am (originally) was supposed to ship mid-month, but given this HUGE news, I spoke to Richard and have decided to upgrade the Can-Am to the Evolution Convertible. Thus, the site will now change and refer to my new project as the Evolution. Older entries will remain as Can-Am (more as a memento for me than anything else)

This upgrade will result in my kit being delayed till the end of the month, and with additional time for crating and shipping, the new estimated time of arrival to Dubai is now early June.

Engine - Has now safely arrived at the Ultima factory, and will be crated together with my kit:

April 16th 2015

Transmission - I received the 997 transmission from a local source. It came from a 2006 911 C2 that had a front end collision. I cleaned it with a power wash, mineral spirits, power wash again, and let it dry. Then I sanded it down with 220 grit and then 330 grit wet n dry and washed it again. Finally, I got to priming it with a high heat resistant primer, metallic gold color and final top coat. End result - brand new looking 997 transmission.

997 as Recd:

Cleaned & Sand Papered:




I have also finally decided where to build the car - at a new garage I will be constructing at home specially for this project. It took a while to convince the wife to 'allow' the construction of a new garage (read: spend money) to build a car (read: to spend even more money).

I have also finally ordered all the remaining (is that possible?) tools I will need and should get them by the end of the week.



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