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May 20th 2015

It's been a quiet month on the Ultima front. Still waiting for the kit to make its way to Dubai... The ship is supposed to pass the Suez Canal this week, and then reach Dubai by the end of the first week of June.

I did finish getting all the tools on the list:

1) Had a non-running pillar drill in the office. The motor wasn't working, so got that fixed and now it's ready to go

2) Fixed an old air compressor that was at work, and had been replaced by a much larger screw compressor. However, the old one should be plenty for me for this project

3) Built the work tables from some marine ply and metal tubes welded together to form the base

4) Built the dolly from the design on Stig's site with the modification of the longer joints being slightly lower

May 31st, 2015

And the big date just keeps coming closer... The ship  is expecting into Dubai port next weekend, so I should be able to jump into the build soon!

Also, my 'new' garage is finally done... Took a month to build, but I think it will be perfect for the project in hand... I've had the entire garage carpetted for now, but  may eventually remove half of it if it ruins the leveling of the dolly... pics below of the garage build, along with the final look of the garage as I wait for the kit to arrive...



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