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Mar 3, 2017

Build Time- Today: 2 hours
Total Build Time: 166 hours

All the bolts were tightened according to factory specifications - wishbone to chassis, wishbone to uprights, dampers and toe links...

Next I installed the front brake calipers and attached the brake lines using the copper crush washers..

I now have a rolling chassis!

Mar 4-10, 2017

Build Time- Today: 15 hours
Total Build Time: 181 hours

A cumulative update for the past week since I have only been working on the electrical system: I have spent quite a bit of time getting the system modified from factory loom to my liking:

1) The DRL/Side Light relay was split into 2 separate relays: one to run the DRL (which will switch off with high beams on) and one to run the side light (the switch will trigger relay now instead of having all the power running through the switch)

2) The two extra fans in the rear will be run of individual relays - the relays were wired, with the addition of diodes to allow the RH fan to be turned on either by the AC circuit or the extra fan circuit

3) The EPS system was wired with the creation of a sub loom

4) The ignition circuit was wired through a relay, rather than through the the ignition switch

5) The Start Button security system was wired with the creation of a sub loom

6) The LP pump wiring was run through a relay modifying the existing loom

7) All Ultima dash connections were cut and heat shrinked closed since I will be using the Dash2 as my display

So, a lot of time spent working on wiring, but not a lot to show for it...

Mar 12, 2017

Build Time Today: 2 hours
Total Build Time: 183 hours

I took a break from wiring by working on the driver side GRP panel that sits in front of the side pod... This is a hard panel to install as it requires trimming in 3 dimensions.. A lot of iterations later, I had a great fitting piece...

Mar 13, 2017

Build Time Today: 2 hours
Total Build Time: 185 hours

The passenger side GRP panel was trimmed and made to fit...

Mar 15, 2017

Build Time Today: 5 hours
Total Build Time: 190 hours

Finally got to spend quite a bit of time in the workshop today...

First task was installing the driver side luggage pod.. the pod was removed from the chassis, and heat insulation was applied.. I also spent time installing the raptor control box inside the pod - I don't want it hanging in the under-dash area, so I secured it in the pod.. The pod was then installed to the chassis using sikaflex and rivets, and the new lower chassis support was also riveted on...

I then taped both the side pods in preparation for painting, and painted both side pods with a coat of tough black black to seal in the fibreglass and gel coat color...

Final job for the day was fixing the bent ally tube to the underside of the cill cover - a little sikaflex and tube was installed...


Mar 17-20, 2017

Build Time Today: 10 hours
Total Build Time: 200 hours

Another cumulative update for the past few days:

First item on the agenda was installation of the CF Side Scoops - these are special MacG Racing side scoops made from pure Carbon Fibre.. They were installed using sikaflex and some setting rivets, after trial fitting them to make sure they sat correctly...

Next, I decided to drill the steering wheel hole in the Dash GRP and place the GRP on the chassis before side pods were installed - this was done to set the Dash2 installation location.. The driver seat and steering wheel were installed, and I sat in the seat to get the ideal location where I will be able to see the display from in between the steering wheel...

Then I started work on the AC hoses - the two hoses running down the passenger side were cut in the middle (after measuring the lenght) and new AC charge fittins were installed - now the AC system can be accessed from the luggage pod, rather than in the engine (next to the headers)...

Finally, I started work on the passenger luggage pod - this one will take time due to the number of items being installed in it...

First, I installed the Fuel on Demand control unit on inner face - a template was used to drill holes, and the control unit was installed with bolts/nuts

Second, two holes were drilled on opposite sides to allow the future LS loom and Dash2 loom to be run from front to back

Third, the VRH compressor was installed on the floor - rivnuts were used so that the compressor can be removed and serviced in the future

Fourth, the VRH control module was installed on the side using velcro

The build will now pause for 10 days as I am out of town on work...

Mar 31, 2017

Build Time Today: 4 hours
Total Build Time: 204 hours

Back home from my trip to Malaysia, and I decided to spend the weekend working a bit on the project...

First item on agenda was getting the side pods ready for installation - the mesh grill was installed on both pods... Sikaflex was laid out, and the mesh grill fitted on it and pressed on with weight...

The passenger luggage pod was then worked on:

1) I had to make holes for the air lines for the front and rear lift systems... Rubber grommets were then fixed in the holes

2) Steel grommets were installed in the two holes made earlier for the looms

3) Holes were drilled for the AC line zip tie holders.. and the holders were installed with rivets

4) A ally bracket was made to hold the ECU/GCU/Relay/Fuses for the LS loom. The bracket will be installed in the luggage pod after the loom is run, but the rivnuts to install the bracket have to be installed now while the pod is outside the chassis... So holes were drilled for rivnuts using the bracket as a template


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