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This time around, I am planning things differently. While I am again going for an Orange Evo Convertible, there will be quite a few differences in terms of options and mods. A lot of these are based on my experience with the first EVO, and my wishes to improve on some aspects of the car. Some of my earlier mods will be used again, and some will be a 'first' for me (and maybe even a first for any Ultima ever)... Mods details will be updated below as the build occurs:

The Engine

Original plan was to use a Ferrari V8 that I had lying around at work... however, it appears it will take too much time to get it to fit in the chassis, and even longer to get the electronics to work how I want...

Current plan is to now use a cammed LS3 (~550hp) - shopping around for an engine builder right now..

Update: Engine has been ordered from AutoBionics

The Transmission

Original plan was to use a Ferrari paddle shift box, but with the engine being dropped, this too will change...

Update: Box is currently under 'wraps' :)

The Mods

Modification My Rationale
Heat Insulation I will be adding DEI Reflect a Gold, Titanium Exhaust wrap (on radiator pipes) and foam insulation to keep heat out of the passenger cabin. The heat in Dubai is unbearable as is, and heat wash from the engine will be too much to handle in my opinion. Although this padding will add to the weight, it should pay off in the long run by making the car more comfortable to drive.
Sound Insulation FatMat sound insulation on the lower floor pan to reduce noise from the road / gravel striking the underneath of the car
Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber 3M wrap for aluminum panels to add a new-supercar look to the radiator/master cylinder area
EPAS Electronic steering assist - I have spent quite a bit time going over various EPAS systems on the market, and then custom creating my own EPAS system suited for the Ultima chassis using an Easysteer EPAS motor with a custom steering column, and fabricating my own chassis supports... I will also use a quick release on the steering wheel to aid entry and exit...
AutoBionics Central Locking Kit Central locking kit for doors with custom exterior door switches
MacG Racing Side Scoops Different scoops than last time - these will be larger, pure CF scoops!
MacG Bump Steer Bump steer kit to make setting bump steer to zero easy
Fans Additional fans to get better cooling
VRH Vertical Ride Height System - a custom VRH system from Umbrella Auto Design, that will provide a 2"-3" lift on all four ends with the press of a button.. Using Lamborghini Gallardo actuators, this system is a proven design that will lift the car to clear bumps, and prevent any low clearance issues... The system will be installed in the dampers on all four sides, and the main control unit, tank and compressor will go in the luggage pod
JambTac A neat solution to having wires hanging in the door/dash gap
Fuel System A custom fuel system which has both tanks linked at the bottom. A LP pump supplies a 1L surge tank that has a submerged HP pump that supplied the rail via a regulator. The HP pump is run off a Fuel on Demand controller that allows for PWM management of the pump
Immobilizer Alarm Unit - No details to be discussed for obvious reasons :)
Interior Trim The interior will be trimmed in customized Alcantara/Leather by a specialist interior firm to add to the supercar look
ICE In car entertainment system having radio, sat/nav, rear view camera on a touch screen system


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