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The Ultima Kit

Ultima sells everything you need to build the car except the engine and transmission. There are optional items, such as the Roll Cage, Air Conditioning/Heater, Leather/Alcantara for Seats and Dash, Gauges and Displays, Wheel Options, Body Prefits, etc. I have selected almost all of the goodies - Double Skin Panel, Air Conditioning, Full Body Prefit, GT Rear Wing, Full Windscreen/Windows, Can Am Hood, Can Am Wind Deflectors, Stack Dash, New Wheel Options fitted with PS2s. I have decided not to get the interior from Ultima - ordered only the seat shells - I will source the entire interior (leather, alcantara, options) myself. See the Mods section below to keep a track of what all I will be adding.

The Engine

American Speed LS3 - A Chevy LS3 6.2L V8 with 480 HP @ 6000rpm, 465 ft lbs torque @ 4400rpm, 10.7 compression (standard)

After dyno - 489 HP and 509 ft-lbs torque!

The Transmission

Porsche 997 C2 6 Speed Manual Transmission

The Mods

Modification My Rationale
Heat Insulation I will be adding DEI Reflect a Gold, Titanium Exhaust wrap (on radiator pipes) and foam insulation to keep heat out of the passenger cabin. The heat in Dubai is unbearable as is, and heat wash from the engine will be too much to handle in my opinion. Although this padding will add to the weight, it should pay off in the long run by making the car more comfortable to drive.
Sound Insulation FatMat sound insulation on the lower floor pan to reduce noise from the road / gravel striking the underneath of the car
Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber 3M wrap for aluminum panels to add a new-supercar look to the radiator/master cylinder area
Electronic Heater Valve Replace the factory cable driven heater valve with an electronic solenoid to clean up the interior look
Vents AC and Defrost vents will be sourced to add a more refined interior look
Side Scoops They will funnel air to the engine bay area and should help in keeping the under bonnet temps down while driving. However, these may eventually not be used as I have also heard that the side scoops can actually INCREASE under bonnet temps while stopped. More data needed before I decide what to do.
Fans Additional AC fan to get better cooling
AutoBionics Stalk Kit Stalk kit with cover from AB - to control lights, wiper, washer and horn. Should clean the dash up quite a bit
AutoBionics Power Loom Kit Additional wiring loom to add central locking, radio, sat/nav, additional AC fan, etc
AutoBionics Central Locking Kit Central locking kit for doors with custom exterior door switches
ICE In car entertainment system having radio, sat/nav, rear view camera on a touch screen system
Immobilizer Alarm Unit - No details to be discussed for obvious reasons :)
Interior Trim The interior will be trimmed in customized Alcantara/Leather by a specialist interior firm to add to the supercar look
EVO UPGRADES All new factory upgrades to change the car to EVO spec: new specification for body/gel coat, new master cylinders, new radiator fans, interior parts, LED front lights, parking sensors, EVO spec grills


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